24 Eyeshadows Palette

Eye shadow palette with Matte, sparkle and pearl eyeshadows. Formulated with silicone coated talc, the eyeshadow provides a long-lasting make-up, resistant to water, tears and perspiration. Intense colors, highly pigmented.

$ 3,560.00

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3D Mascara

Extremely smudgeproof with 3D volume effect. Enriched formula with : Vitamine E (conditioning ingredient), D-Panthenol: moisturizing ingredient, Bamboo extract  (regenerating ingredient), Olive wax : (conditioning ingredient), Rice wax (moisture protection, consistency agent), Carnauba wax ( thickening agent and film forming) Parabens and fragrance free formula suitable for sensitive eyes.

$ 400.00

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Adhesivo para pestañas

$ 235.00

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Airbrush Blush

This highly pigmented liquid blush can be applied by brush or airbrush. It is long lasting. It can also apply it on the lips.

$ 680.00

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Airbrush Foundation

Liquid emulsion formulated with silicone volatile oil, silicone resin and micronized coated pigments. A specific pigments treatment provides a long lasting, waterproof and non transfer make-up. A new generation of make-up that covers the skins imperfections with very natural effect. Perfect make-up for High Definition and day make-up. Apply with...

$ 705.00

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Volatile silicone oil; used for dilution of airbrush foundation and blush. Also used for airbrush gun cleaning.

$ 425.00

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Anti-Age Concealer

Formulated with emollient oils and micronized mica pigments that reflect the light, the liquid corrector conceals dark circles and shadows on face for a younger look. Easy to apply with great spreadability, high coverage, without overloading effect. Efficient and natural camouflage, ideal for every day make up and High Definition....

$ 595.00

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Anti-Age Foundation

Make-up base and skin care combined into a single product with multiple performances. Nourishing formula with emollient oils, enriched with vegetable complex and antioxidant vitamins A and E. Organic powders soften little wrinkles and pores producing a « soft focus » effect, minimizing imperfections without thickening. Provides a light and...

$ 935.00

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Antishine Moisturizing Base

Designed for oily skin, the antishine base is composed of a vegetable complex which provides a treatment for young and oily skin, contains micro particles of powder absorbing sebum.

$ 670.00

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Are Those Real?

These lashes are designed for everyday wear, with the mink sparsely distributed along the lash. Although less dramatic, these lashes are still noticeable in terms of its medium length. 

$ 496.48

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Base Matizante

Código FLWCV2

$ 620.00

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Base oil

Iridescent moisturizing emulsion that provides excellent make-up stability. Formulated with mica powder, the Base irisée provides a luminous and radiant aspect to the skin.  

$ 625.00

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Blush Palette

Long wear blush and modeling colors formulated with talc and silicone coated pigments. Silky texture, matte, satin and pearl colors.

from $ 2,630.00

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Brow Cake Eyeliner

Dry Cake Eyeliner highly pigmented. Apply the Cake Eyeliner with a wet brush for an intense color effect. Apply the Cake Eyeliner with a dry brush for a smoky effect.

$ 340.00

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Brush Bag MST 111

This clear pencil bag is the perfect choice for storing all your pencils, brushes, scissors, etc. With a compact and stylish design this pencil bag is an ideal choice for professional and personal use. Convenient to carry and easy to clean.

$ 295.00

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Brush Clean 125 ml

BeautySoClean Brush Cleanser is chemical free.Gently cleans and conditions makeup brushes, safe for natural or synthetic bristles.

$ 380.00

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